i love

There is so much to share with you and I'm so excited to learn about the journey that has led you to your engagement.

I have lived all over the country and world and yearn for adventures. Let's go on one together for your engagement session or your destination wedding!

From my days of sailing and competitive pole vaulting in Newport Rhode Island, to many snowy winters in Michigan, a few years of sunny Florida beaches, a year living on a sailboat studying marine biology, teaching in Thailand, and living in Italy while studying art, there is no story, setting, or place I don't love. 

But, don't let all of that fool you, I am a home body by default and now live in the Virginia countryside with my soon-to-be husband and our two dogs, Buddha and Paisley. 

I have a degree in Fine Art and Photography from The University of Virginia and have been an artist from the moment I entered this world.

 All of that and so much more has led me here - to serving the most sophisticated couples & events, at the most exclusive destinations. 

I'm sienna. 

hello, beautiful soul.

This is about more than photography, it's about kindness, pleasant interactions, flexibility, and making you feel cared for- every step of the way.

I believe that your wedding images are the single most important investment you can make on your wedding day. They are the memories your kids will giddily pluck through, the ones that hang on your wall to remind you everyday of all the love you felt in this moment, and they serve as symbols of what you've built and the beautiful possibilities your future holds.

That's why I do things a little differently here. We connect, we talk about your vision for your day, your favorite colors, flowers, and embark on a creative process together, all so that I can customize your photos and experience to tell the story of you- so that you receive a perfectly curated story of this moment told in gorgeous, classic, & timeless images.

I am a hybrid wedding photographer, which means I shoot in both film and digital. Film delivers creamy, romantic images that digital simply can't touch. It delivers the best product, which is why it's such a vital part of my process.

It is my mission to deliver a product and customer experience at the top of this industry so you know when you invest with me, you are investing with the best. 

I believe in luxury service & products

SIENNA'S  Philosophy